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An increasingly popular way to reduce energy bills and improve energy efficiency is to install new central heating controls. These can give you more control over how and when your boiler heats your home or creates hot water, so are a good option for many people in Soho. A Viessmann engineer can tell you all about the things that boiler controls can do, but they could include the following:

  • a timer that turns your boiler on and off at set times
  • room thermostats to measure the temperature in your home and adjust the boiler’s operation accordingly
  • a programmer which allows you to set different times and temperatures for different days of the week, for example so you can run different heating timing at the weekend
  • thermostatic radiator values which let you adjust the heat in individual rooms
  • smart controls, which allow you to control the heating even when you’re not at home.

Smart controls are a particularly new and innovative option. A Viessmann engineer in Soho can tell you all about the ways you could benefit from smart controls, but they could include examples like the following:

  • if you need to work late unexpectedly, remote boiler controls could mean you can tell your central heating to turn on later than usual
  • if you have to come home unexpectedly in the middle of a cold day, you can remotely programme your heating to turn on so that it’s nice and warm when you come home.

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