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Traditionally, most people in the Regents Park area will have boilers that run on gas. However, with a growing interest in more sustainable and renewable energy, more people are choosing different energy sources to power their boiler. If you’re looking at this, then a Viessmann boiler could be right for you, as their range of boilers includes products for a wide range of energy sources.

Different types of Viessmann boilers

There are various different energy sources that a Viessmann boiler could run on, including the following:

  • gas
  • biomass fuels
  • solar power
  • geothermal energy
  • ground source heat
  • air source heat
  • oil.

The great thing about Viessmann boilers is that the company has a range of boilers specially designed to run on these energy sources. By calling your local Regents Park Viessmann engineer, you’ll be able to discuss your energy source and the engineer will be able to recommend the right boiler for that.

Choose a certified Viessmann engineer

By choosing an accredited Viessmann engineer in Regents Park, you’ll be sure of having an engineer who’s qualified and skilled in working with Viessmann boilers, although you’ll need to check whether they have the right expertise to work with your energy source.

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