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Having your boiler serviced regularly is really important if you want to ensure it continues to function safely, efficiently and effectively. Many people in Harrow don’t know what happens during a boiler service. Your local Viessmann engineer can explain what takes place during a boiler service visit, but it’s likely to include the following steps:

  • an inspection of your boiler and controls, to make sure they’re working safely – this includes your Viessmann engineer checking for corrosion and leaks
  • a gas pressure check to make sure your boiler is working at the right pressure
  • a flue test to make sure there are no unsafe emissions coming from your boiler
  • removing the boiler casing to check all the components are functioning, then putting it back on properly and sealing it when the work is finished
  • cleaning any parts that need it
  • giving you information about the work that has been done and any steps that are recommended to improve your boiler’s efficiency or effectiveness
  • giving you information about your boiler’s safety.

When you choose an approved Viessmann engineer in Harrow, you’ll also get the benefit of expert and specialist advice, which can be particularly useful if your boiler is getting old, or you’re thinking of having a new one installed.

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